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New Way to Reach Student Services

Sara Fiorino
New Way to Reach Student Services
by Student Services - Sara Fiorino - Friday, 22 May 2015, 5:23 PM

Hello everyone,

I hope that your classes are going well this session and I am sure you are looking forward to the long weekend ahead.  I have recieved feedback that it can be difficult to reach me via telephone.  I assure you I am most likely on the phone assisting another student, however I have set up a new way to ensure we can connect. Please feel free to book a time in my calendar through vCita.  This way I will know that I have to call you!  Just follow the link below to book a time that works for you.  

Please note that this link will not work properly in IE, so may I recommend Google Chrome or Firefox.

Enjoy your long weekend and I look forward to speaking with each of you soon.

All the best, 

Peter Grant